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                                                                              with the right hat, nothing else matters

La Paloma Hats have been created with both contemporary and historical flavors with actors, reenactors, and everyday hat people in mind.  Specializing in the Elizabethan period and eras before and aft, many of the hat designs stem from historical pictures of the period.  Thus, many have historical documentation with creative license. 

Not surprisingly, many basic hat shapes repeat themselves throughout history.  With the basic shape, and imagination, a La Paloma Hat could become a stylish hat from the Elizabethan period to today.

La Paloma Hats are created with the individual in mind.  My interest is to create a basic hat for the individual to add their own personality.  Therefore, you will find the main shop with unadorned hats in basic black and the limited edition hats on a separate page.  The limited edition page carries hats made from specialty fabric and/or adornment with a limited availability. I hope you find my website easy to navigate and you find the hats you like. Please feel free to contact me for any help with the hats. 

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